Sklip Inc.

The problem

Skin cancer is the most common human cancer with millions of new cases in the United States per year, with survival rates are as low as 24% when detected late. It can take up to six months to see a dermatologist and the majority of spot checks are now done virtually.

Clinical images submitted through smartphones do not provide enough clarity to make accurate diagnosis of skin cancers, which means they need to be seen by a dermatologist (provider) using a dermatoscope.

The solution

Find the right patient, at the right place, at the right time by turning any smartphone into a medical grade dermatoscope by puting the power of dermoscopy in the hands of health conscious individuals.

Sklip improves accessibility through an upstream approach by empowering patients with tools to take control of their own skin health by reducing healthcare costs and wait times, all the while increase early detection and survival rates up to 98%. A dermatoscope is a tool that a dermatologist uses in office to triage and diagnose skin cancers with confidence. See the difference for yourself!

Anyone can use it

With the Sklip patented clip on mechanism you do not need adapter to use our device. Simply clip the Sklip on your phone or tablet and start taking high definition medical grade images to store for comparison or share with a doctor for mole analysis. Share one device with your whole family.

What is our vision?

We built the Sklip team with the common belief in democratization of healthcare through improved access and lowered costs. We are European trained MD's with double PhDs in non-invasive early detection and expertise in artificial intelligence development. Decades of hard work came to fruition when we received FDA Breakthrough Designation in 2021 for Sklip System AI (soon to be released to the public). We specialize in medical grade tool design and manufacturing. We are an ethical marketing company that connects our app users anonymously to the best dermatology practices in the United States and Europe. We are doing what everyone knows needs to be done to fix the fractured American healthcare system. We are down to earth people, simply partners - two dermatologists with a vision to change the world of medicine as we know it ... treating you like we want to be treated ourselves. Let's make THE difference together.

Sincerely from our family to yours,
Alexander Witkowski MD, PhD &
Joanna Ludzik MD, PhD
Husband and Wife
Sklip Founders

We designed Sklip to be simple to use and an extension of our dermoscopy expertise in office. Now its is in your hands, at home.

– Alexander Witkowski MD, PhD, Dermatologist, Sklip Founder. Record holder for diagnosing the worlds smallest recorded skin cancer (melanoma 0.65mm)

If you see something, don't just say something, DO something with Sklip. Get your concerning mole analyzed within 24 hours on the app

– Nadia Popovici, Medical Student who found a melanoma at the Canucks NHL hockey game 2021

A true dermatologist recommended product is the one you created, use yourself and trust enough to share with your friends and family.

– Joanna Ludzik MD, PhD, Dermatologist, Sklip Founder. Co-record holder for diagnosing the worlds smallest recorded basal cell carcinoma

This has been the standard in Europe since the 1990's. Finally, it can be a standard of care for U.S. patients. This is the future, today.

– Professor Giovanni Pellacani MD, Director of Dermatology, La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), President of the World Congress of Dermatology